Bumper Cards™

Supported by a social impact grant from CUHK

"My five-year-old patient really enjoyed playing Bumper Cards™ with me. His mom was so amazed that he was finally able to enjoy reading Chinese characters."

Dr. Fanny LAM

Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics

MBChB (CUHK), MRCP(UK), DCH (Ireland), FHKCPaed, FHKAM (Paed)


Bumper Cards™ Card-game

  • Promotes creativity through language

  • Stimulates BOTH convergent (one correct answer) AND divergent (brainstorming) thinking

  • Encourages language flexibility

  • Is fun and engaging

  • Facilitates social interactions - can be played with friends and family by all ages

  • Allows imagination expression through either drawing or words

  • Promotes new ideas

  • Strengthens vocabulary learning

  • Improves word reading

  • Advances bilingual interactions

  • Was developed based on 20+ years of research on reading and vocabulary development

Book Mockup - Wordplay Windboat (1).jpg

Bumper Cards™ Storybook

  • Written for children ages 3-8

  • Includes many fun activities, such as reading, listening, storytelling and drawing, that enhances creativity, language learning, and artistic expression

  • Encourages compound word awareness and play

  • Promotes bilingual learning in Chinese and English. Children can learn both languages together or separately

  • Can be played together with the bilingual language card-game Bumper Cards™. Bumper Cards™ Creativity through Language is based on the same research idea as the book

  • Was developed based on 20+ years of research on reading and vocabulary development


Bumper Cards™ promotes creativity in language by engaging children and adults in both convergent and divergent thinking. Through language interactions among players, children can better learn Chinese and English in a joyful way.


Combine simple words into compound words to form real "correct words" and/or new "creative words" with different games.