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The Legend of the Wind

Author:Ng, Melody
Illustrator: Pan, Eunice

Far away, in the middle of the ocean, there is an island of wind.

The island is protected by strong circular wind that acts as a gate. The wind is so strong that it blocks everyone from getting into the island.  The people who live there call it the wind wall. Only people living on the island can open the gate and enter the island. To get in, they must use a special item called a wind bell.

The world inside the island is very different from all other parts of the world. People travel via a wind boat; this is a boat floating in the sky. All kids love to run and play on the wind ground, which is a big grassland with zero gravity, so kids can have fun moving and “fly” on the ground. Food there is very interesting too. The most famous dish on the island is called a wind fish, which is a fish dish made from a special fish that swims in the sea around the island.

It is said that all wind in the world originates from this island, and all the people from the island are the descendants of wind. These wind people bring wind to every part of the world whenever they leave the island.

Do you want to visit the island of the wind? What do you expect to find there? Let’s draw more people, places, or things you expect to find there.

Twiggy’s journey to the doctor

Author: Tong, Christine
Illustrator: Pan, Eunice

Twiggy’s family lives on a mountain. They have a beautiful house there and live a very simple and happy life, surrounded by nature.

On a sunny day in April, Twiggy’s father set off to go to town for work for 2 weeks. Twiggy planned to go hiking with her mother and her younger brother, Andy, but she suddenly found that her mom was sick with fever. Twiggy was very scared. Her mother instructed her to find Dr. Chandi for medicine. She told Twiggy that Andy could take care of her while Twiggy was away. Dr Chandi’s office was just inside the cow market.

Twiggy immediately began her journey to the cow market, a market for cows and other commodities where Dr. Chandi lives. She had to leave quickly because she needed to return home before sunset. In order to go to the cow market, she needed to climb over the wind mountain. The people who lived around Twiggy’s home called it “wind mountain” because every time they crossed it, they had to go through a very strong wind. Twiggy endured the strong wind by wearing a very thick coat and a scarf. Next, she needed to walk to the end of bird road. Bird road is very long and is the home for various kinds of birds, such as sparrows, doves, and swallows. The entrance of the cow market is at the end of bird road.

Twiggy felt very tired in the middle of the bird road. She wanted to sit down and take a rest. However, she thought of her mother and decided to keep going to finish the trip as soon as possible. After 5 hours of walking, she finally reached Dr. Chandi just inside of the cow market and asked her to come back home with her to see her mother.

After taking medicine, Twiggy’s mother felt much better. She thanked Dr. Chandi for her help. She also thanked Twiggy for making such a long journey across the wind mountain, down bird road, and just inside of the cow market. Dr. Chandi stayed for the night since it was so late, and they all had a good dinner together, cooked by Andy.

What do you think the wind mountain, bird road, and the cow market look like? Can you draw Twiggy on her long journey?  Or maybe you can draw a map of her journey or a new map of your own favorite places.

Mischievous Geniesheep

Author: Ku, Serena
Illustrator: Pan, Eunice

Once there was a mischievous geniesheep who loved to bite anything in front of his eyes. This geniesheep had a magical power – anything bitten by him would grow a pair of sheep ears.

Geniesheep started by flying up to the sky and biting the Sun, which turned into a sheepsun. Then he flew downwards and bit mountains, buildings, and cars. Instantly, they turned into sheepmountains, sheepbuildings, and sheepcars! He flew around the city and bit every single object he saw, and right away, all the objects within the city had grown pairs of sheepears. People started to call the city a sheepcity.


Geniesheep soon grew tired of biting objects, so he started to bite food. He went to a fruit shop and gave each piece of fruit a bite! All the fruit in the store became sheepfruit and people did not want to bring them home anymore. Geniesheep was happy with the trouble that he made.

Geniesheep then started to bite other animals in the city. He flew to a zoo and bit them all, so the zoo was turned into a sheepzoo! There were sheeplions, sheepbears, sheepelephants and many more. The animals were furious and started to shout at him. He quickly escaped to a park nearby. In the park, there was a large group of cats. Geniesheep did not care and gave the cats a bite. The cats were very angry and fought back! They yelled and tried to scratch him with their sharp catclaws. Some even tried to jump and bite him! Geniesheep was frightened and apologized to the catgang. He promised to leave the city in peace and return everything to normal. His sheep bites only lasted a couple of days, and then the sheep ears disappeared.

Finally, two days later, the city returned to its original look. After a while, people even started missing the geniesheep. Can you draw a picture of the geniesheep or anything he bit along the way, complete with sheep ears? Who can make the funniest picture?

A Journey to the CatWorld

Author: Ku, Serena
Illustrator: Pan, Eunice

Lucy is a cat lover; she always imagines what an entire catworld would look like.


Last night, she had the best dream ever – she dreamed of visiting her very own catworld.


In the catworld, everything she saw was related to cats! She went to a bakery first. The shopkeeper was a cat and he was selling cat-tarts, catbuns, catpuffs, catcrepes, catdonuts and catcakes. Of course, these were all cat-shaped breads and pastries.


She then visited an art gallery, where a catartist was painting a picture. She found this painting very familiar. Wow! The painting was Cat Lisa – a cat version of Mona Lisa!


As Lucy was wandering in the street, she met a catpoliceman. The catpoliceman said, ‘Sorry, I think you do not belong to our world. You cannot stay here. Please follow me, and I will bring you home.’


Lucy did not want to leave, but she followed the catpoliceman reluctantly. As she was walking, she heard a sound. It got louder.


Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep…


It was her alarm! She woke up, but she could not stop thinking about the catworld. She wants to try to see if she can go back to catworld again when she sleeps tonight!


What is your favorite animal? Would you like to visit your favorite animal’s world? What would it be like? See if you can draw a picture of your world.

Save Our Earth

Author: Mohseni, Fateme
Illustrator: Pan, Eunice

Jim was watching a TV show about the future of the earth. On the show, the announcer said that the earth’s resources are being used up. Soon people might run out of resources if they do not start to care more about the environment.  One way to show such care is to recycle at home. Jim then went to the kitchen and asked his mother, “How I can help to recycle things at home?” His mother said: “First, we should think about the different kinds of waste we have and then put each type of waste in a different container to recycle.” Jim thought hard about this. “What kind of container?” he asked. His mother replied, “A good, sturdy box should do.” Finally, as he thought longer, Jim said, “We have wastewater that goes to the sewer pipe and does not need a box. We also have waste paper that we should put into a blue box.” He continued, “We have waste plastic that we could place in the red box.” He walked all around the flat to look for other kinds of waste from the family. He noticed an old hunk of pipe that they no longer needed and said, “We have waste metal, and we can put it in a yellow box.” Jim was thirsty and picked up a bottle and drank water from it. Suddenly, he said, “I found one more. We need another box for the waste bottle.” His mother told Jim that another kind of waste is organic waste; that waste, including eggshells, vegetable skins, and apple cores, tends to be wet. Jim’s mother then said, “We should dispose of organic waste regularly. Can you put the waste food in the yard every night? Jim said, “Sure, I would love to do that.” Jim loves to do his part to save our earth by recycling waste. What kinds of waste has he forgotten? Tell us what you do to recycle your waste.