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What Kind of School for Ben?

created by: Kiki

Ben needs to go to school starting this September. The school he is attending is a little bit different from schools that the other kids are attending.


“Ben, you will need to attend school very soon. Which type of school would you like to go to?” Mum asks Ben.


“Well, I love book school, where there are thousands of books to read!” Ben replies. Clearly, Ben is a boy who loves to read books.


“Alright. But first, let’s look at other options. Ben, we have got hook school also, where you will need to learn how to do things with hooks, such as fish and make clothes.” Mum holds some leaflets in her hand.


“Mum, that sounds hard.  I will have to do things with my hands all day. I don’t really like fishing, and making clothes sounds boring. Is that a day school? If so, I will have to get up at 6:30 in the morning. I hate that!  I would rather attend a moon school where I can go to school at 6 p.m., when the moon rises,” Ben says.


Finally, Ben and Mom decided that Ben will go to the book school, and Ben has a wonderful school life there. He gets to read every day, and school is in the afternoon, so he doesn’t have to get up early.


Would you like to go to book school? If you could choose, which type of school would you like to attend? Why?

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The Serene World of Light

created by: Melody Ng

We know that the world is covered under sunlight, but no one knows that there is a hidden world under the serene moonlight.

This moonlight world has no official name, but people sometimes  call it “Moon Land.” It appears every day right after the moonrise, and disappears before the moonset. The moon is treated as an all-knowing being in that land. People call it White Moon, as it is white as snow. Under the moon’s influence, the land is full of special beautiful creations. One of them is the moonfish, whose silver fins shine gently when they swim in the sea. Another one is moon berries. People say that these silver-colored moon berries can protect people from all sorts of diseases.

There is a saying in the land: When the red moon comes, it brings fire and other destruction to the land. But after the red moon passes, the land is renewed and revitalized again. The cycles of the moon are continuous in the universe.

Would you like to visit this mysterious Moon Land? What do you expect to see there? List some other creatures you would see if you visited Moon Land.

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Josephine’s Retired Life

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Josephine is retired. She has a very relaxing lifestyle. As she wakes up in the morning, she usually goes out for a walk in order to stretch and enjoy some fresh air. As she returns to her house, she likes to read the newspaper and check the mailbox. After cleaning the floor and washing up, it is lunchtime. After enjoying her lunch with her husband, she takes her handbasket and goes to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Josephine also has many different hobbies to do in her free time. She sometimes goes to cooking classes with her friends to learn new tasty recipes. She also likes to make different types of paperboats as decorations to place in her house or as gifts for her grandchildren. During the summertime, she likes to swim. During wintertime, she likes to hike in the woods. Other than these, Josephine likes to watch television dramas during the daytime and to read books at bedtime. Josephine has a good and healthy lifestyle.  

This story contained a lot of compound words. Can you name some of them? Hint: What is a box where you put mail? What is a basket you carry by hand to go shopping? There are also a lot of compound words with the word “time” in them. How many can you find (we found six; one with an ‘s’ at the end)?

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Maria’s Discovery as a Bellman

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Maria is a bellman working at a hotel. Her duties are to help visitors at the hotel to carry and move their luggage to their rooms as they arrive. There are not many women who are bellmen, but Maria loves her job. However, as a bellman, Maria sometimes sees different, interesting things.

For a bellman, moving luggage for visitors is a very normal thing to do. However, some visitors bring not only suitcases. Once, a visitor handed Maria a basket which was very heavy. At first, Maria thought it was a normal basket. However, something inside the basket seemed to move! This made Maria worry, and she decided to open the basket. To her surprise, the basket was a snakebasket - there were many snakes inside! She immediately told her manager, and the manager took the basket away to a safe place.

Maria even was in danger once, when a visitor gave her a very heavy suitcase. Originally, Maria did not think that anything was strange about the suitcase. However, she overheard this visitor’s conversation with another and realized that something was strange. For safety, she told her manager, who checked the suitcase and realized that the suitcase contained guns with high firepower. Maria was lucky that she discovered the weapons quickly and protected the other visitors’ safety.

Although Maria’s job may seem normal, she certainly has many adventures as a bellman. 

In this story, there were dangerous, interesting things that Maria found in a basket and in a suitcase. What other strange and interesting baskets she found besides a snakebasket and a firepower suitcase? What kind of basket or suitcase do you think she will discover next? List some and explain. For example, a cookie suitcase is a suitcase filled with cookies! An ice basket is a basket that contains ice. What do you imagine?

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Summertime Adventure

created by: Kiki & Ryan

It’s summertime. Carol and her family go to their beach house to relax and have fun. They plan to swim in the sea, so they carry a large bag containing swimsuits and sunglasses.

When they arrive at the beach, Carol cannot wait to sit down and play with the sand. Carol is good at craftwork, so she makes a beautiful sandcastle.

After making the sandcastle, Carol goes swimming. Her family likes to sun bathe, but Carol prefers to play with other kids. They are all playing with a giant beach ball. Suddenly, Carol feels a strong wind and dots of pain on her cheek and she cannot open her eyes. The wind is blowing sand onto the people. It is a sandstorm! The family runs toward their home, but Carol trips on a piece of sandstone along the way. The stone hurts her knee, and the sandstorm blocks the view. There is very little sunlight. Finally, the sand stops blowing and she can see better again. Although she is scared, Carol bravely gets back up and finds her way home with her family.

At night, the family members are all very happy to be home, safe and sound in a lovely beach house. They enjoyed their exciting day, and they slept very well through the night.

This story contained a lot of compound words. There are three different words with sand, three with sun, and three with beach. Can you find them all? Can you think of more?


A Racing Competition

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Jack, a racer, has just come back home after winning a car racing competition. Mike, who is his little brother, is very excited to hear about how Jack won the competition, so Jack tells him about the race.

In a car race, there are many large beanbags on the road which tell racers what the path for the race is. The racers should be careful not to drive off the path and into the beanbags if they want to win the race.

Jack tells Mike that it was his lucky day. As Jack was driving, a sudden tailwind blew from behind, which helped Jack drive faster than other racers. With this tailwind, Jack easily became one of the fastest racers.

Moreover, there were some roadholes on the racing path. Some of the racers failed to see the roadholes, which ended up slowing down their cars. Lucky for Jack, he easily spotted the roadholes and avoided them, which made Jack the fastest racer of the competition. 

Mike became very excited from Jack’s story, and wanted to try out racing himself! There were three compound words in this story. Those are big words made up of smaller words. Can you name them? What kind of car would you like to race? Please draw a picture of you in your car, racing with Jack in his car.

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Let’s Build a House!

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Tommy’s father is an architect, who builds houses to earn money for Tommy’s family. One day, his father decides to bring him to work to let Tommy see how houses are built.

Each house has different rooms, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and some bedrooms for a family to sleep in. Although most of the furniture should be bought by each family themselves as they move in, Tommy finds out that some furniture comes with the house. For example, some cupboards, a stove and a sink are usually already inside a kitchen. Tommy’s father has to make sure that these are completed before selling the house. But some houses are very simple and have a very specific purpose. For example, a tree house is a house built in a tree. Children love to play in tree houses. An icehouse is a place to store ice. A doghouse is a home for a dog.

Tommy also finds out that many houses use different types of power, such as wind-power. This not only helps a family save money by not having to use too much electricity, but also helps the environment in reducing pollution. Another type of power is called solar power. Tommy thinks that solar power should be renamed “sun power” because it is power from the sun. Solar power and wind power are both very important for future houses. By going to work with his father, Tommy learns a lot about different houses. Tommy wants to make his own house. What kind of house should he make, and what kind of power should he use to keep it cool, safe, useful, and clean? Can you write a description of the house or draw it?

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An Amazing Adventure

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Last weekend, Rachel’s teacher asked her to write a story about a journey to a fantasy land as homework and to share it with the class at school. Rachel is very excited to share her story with her classmates.

In her story, Rachel arrives at this fantasy land on a goldboat, which is a boat made completely of gold! As she arrives, she walks into a garden filled with beautiful flowers and tall trees, some which Rachel has never even seen before. Some of the trees have fruits hanging from above, such as apples and whiteberries - something Rachel sees for the first time. The whiteberries taste like sweet snow. The garden certainly is beautiful, and Rachel is very happy she has made many new discoveries.

Rachel then arrives at a mountain, which is very similar to a volcano. However, this mountain does not spit out fireballs; instead, Rachel can see waterballs coming out from the top! This mountain is also not hot like a volcano, but rather quite cool, which makes Rachel fascinated - she has seen something which has not been discovered yet! She decides to name it watermountain.

The last stop before Rachel’s boat goes back home is the pond. Yet, instead of seeing a normal pond filled with water, Rachel sees that the pond is a teapond; it is filled with tea! The fish and animals inside seem to enjoy drinking the tea from the teapond. She wonders if the fish in the teapond are special fish. There are goldfish, starfish, and now teafish!

It is getting late, and Rachel returns to the goldboat, which brings her back home. Rachel’s teacher and her classmates seem to be fascinated by her story, and give her much applause! But Rachel wishes she had had more time in this fantasy land. If she walked out further onto the land, what other funny new plants, animals, or creations do you think she would have seen? Can you name and describe two new ones?

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Homes in Nature

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Kylie is in primary 3. She is going on a field trip to a local country park. She is very excited about the field trip. She even jumps out of her seat as the school bus arrives at the park. 

As she enters the park, Kylie sees many big flowerbeds, with flowers of many different colors. There is a white flowerbed, a blue flowerbed, and her favorite - the pink flowerbed. The flowerbeds are as colorful as a rainbow. There are many butterflies and bees flying around the flowers. It is certainly beautiful, and Kylie cannot stop smiling about it.

Next, Kylie and her friends enter the forest area, where they quickly become surrounded by many tall trees. There are many insects! Kylie can even see a worm house at the bottom of a tree. Afraid of worms, Kylie does not dare to look down. To her delight, as she looks up, she sees some birdhouses with birds laying eggs inside. Kylie, being a bird-lover, immediately smiles and forgets about the bugs and insects.

It is almost the end of the trip. Kylie arrives at the fishpond, which has many different fish. She can see a goldfish and also a bluefish! The fish are swimming happily and gracefully in the pond.  Kylie is one happy girl.

In this story, we mentioned three places that are homes to creatures in nature. What are they? What are the homes for bees or butterflies? Can you make one?

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People and Words Working Together

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Marco is a famous showman. He sings and dances and entertains audiences with jokes. Tickets to his shows are always sold out. Marco is Jack’s favorite showman. Jack is so happy that Marco is here to give a speech at school. 

Marco’s sharing is about his experience as a showman. Marco says that a good show requires cooperation. People, like words, must work together to make a good show. There are many things he needs to take care of as a showman. First of all, each show needs a lot of manpower. This means that Marco and his team need to make sure that many people can work together to run the show. 

Marco also has to make sure that all the equipment needed for the show is working. For example, Marco needs to check to make sure that the stagelight is working normally. If the stagelight is not working, his fans cannot see him on stage! 

Last but not least, to be successful, Marco’s show needs to have a doorman standing outside to protect the show from thieves or other bad people. He needs to make sure that there are enough doormen to protect himself and his crew.

Jack learns a lot from Marco’s talk. Jack realizes that Marco’s great shows depend on people working together.  Apart from people working together, words can also work together. What words worked together in this story to make new ones? (Hint: Three of these words contain the word “man.”)

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David and the Wall Grass Mountain Cow

created by: Kiki & Ryan

David is nine years old. He lives in the mountains with his parents. Sometimes David thinks it is quite inconvenient to live in the mountains, especially when he must go to the city center to hang out with his friends. It is a long journey. However, in general, David enjoys his time on the mountain. When it’s winter, the mountain is covered with snow. At that time, the mountain becomes a white mountain. David does not like the white mountain, because when there is a white mountain, traffic is blocked and David cannot see his friends.

It is spring now. David wakes up early this morning and is looking forward to seeing some animal friends of his. Those are the mountain cows. Mr. Chan, his neighbor, owns a farm nearby and lets his farm animals out in spring. There are bells hanging on the mountain cows’ necks so they do not get lost. David enjoys listening to the sound of the bells.

After playing with the mountain cows, David invites his friend, Mary, to his home to play together. They go on an adventure in the mountain. David and Mary come across an old tree house. They are curious and go nearer to check it out. They see some grass growing on the wall. As they look closer, they think they see an animal. It looks like a mountain cow. It looks friendly but silly sitting up in a tree. The wall grass mountain cow starts to sing and ring a bell. They giggle. They love to make new friends. Have you ever heard of a wall grass mountain cow? Can you draw one? What other friends do you think they might meet in the tree house?

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Cherry’s Mountain School

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Cherry is a seven-year-old girl in second grade. She studies in a mountain school, so she needs to walk for a long time every day in order to get to the school. Cherry enjoys the walk a lot, because she can breathe fresh air, listen to birds singing, and enjoy the quiet time every morning.

Because Cherry’s school is located on the mountain, there are a lot of differences between her school and other schools. For example, there is outdoor teaching, which Cherry and her friends love. Outdoor teaching means that Cherry and her friends can study in a natural environment instead of inside a classroom. Other than that, there is a flower house, which is one of Cherry’s favorite places in school. During recess time, Cherry goes to the flower house with her friends to play, surrounded by plenty of different types of flowers. Cherry also likes the flower house because it is colorful.

As Mother’s Day is coming, Miss Wong, Cherry’s art teacher brings Cherry’s class to the flower house during art lesson. Miss Wong asks them to make a flower ball using flowers in the flower house, and bring it back as a present to their mums. Cherry makes a flower ball using lily, rose and daisy. She hopes her mum will feel surprised and happy receiving it! Can you imagine what a mountain school, a flower house, or a flower ball might look like? Try to draw one.

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Peter’s New Snow Creatures

created by: Kiki & Ryan

Peter’s favorite season is winter, when he can play with snow outside his house. It’s winter now and it has been snowing for several days. Peter has decided to play outside because there is more snow on the ground.

Starting from several years ago, Peter has been making a snowman using white snow, some sticks, carrots, hats, and scarves. However, Peter starts to feel bored in making just a snowman. He has a new idea: He decides to make a snow bird this year instead. He spends several hours making the feathers, body, legs and beak of the snow bird. Peter is satisfied with his work.

When Peter finishes his work, he is freezing. He has spent several hours outdoors. He can feel the icy wind blowing on him. Peter cannot stand the cold and runs back to his home as fast as he can, leaving the snow bird outside. He would love to make some other creatures out of snow. He plans for tomorrow and the snow fish and snow seahorse he plans to make. What else would you make?

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The Red Garden

created by: Melody Ng

Once upon a time, there was a big garden covered with red.

People said it is the burning sunray, or a big fireball that turned the garden to red. Nevertheless, the red garden was so beautiful that everyone loved it.

When you entered the garden, you could see a path full of fire trees. The leaves kept burning but the tree would never burn down. Sometimes you could even see some firebirds resting on the tree, finding fire berries to eat. On your right hand side, there was a big area of fire flowers. They bloomed like roses but they smelled like camellia. There was a zoo at the far end of the garden, and a lot of red sheep were living there! They loved to eat red grasses, and they loved to run around the fire ground! If you could give them some red beans, they were glad to eat them as well.

The red garden was full of children who loved the place every day. Would you like to visit it? What else would you find there?

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The Adventure of Sand

created by: Eunice Pan

Sand once was something very small, and she didn’t like it. She worked in a dictionary store as Sandpaper and then got another job at the gym as Sandbag… but she longed to go somewhere really far and become something really great.

She started travelling.

She bumped into the sea, and she became Sandsea, where she was sand flowing like waves in the ocean.

She bumped into the storm, and she became Sandstorm, where she could crash like thunder but of course was less harmful.

She accidentally bumped into the shoe. The shoe?! No, she wanted something great! But she liked being Shoesand: That’s when you come back from the beach and get annoyed by the sand left in your shoe. She likes making pranks!

How wonderful bumping is for Sand! And she wrote down what she has bumped and what she has become. Can you think of anything else Sand would like to become? Maybe you can surprise Sand with your great ideas!

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The Story of Moonstone

created by: Christine Tong

There was a time when the forest was dying, the sea was about to be dry, and the sky became constantly dark.


People were weeping as they lost their precious environment.


Then there was a day where aliens from the moon came. They said nothing we could understand, but handed us a stone. We decided to call it the moonstone.


Things started to change from that day. In the land of dread, life was coming back, but not in the form we recognized. We saw tall berry growing from the ground, as tall as a tree we used to see, but we were not sure whether we could eat it. We also witnessed gold sea, the sea that was not longer blue, but shiny as liquid gold. We even saw wind, no kidding, because the red wind was almost as red as blood.


We thought the world was going to end. Instead, the moon aliens gave us a world that we’d never seen.

What other new things do you think we saw?

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Celebrate Every Night!

created by: Eunice Pan

Every night before James goes to bed, he watches TV with his mom and reads for a while. Yet he is not satisfied with what he does now. One day he says to his mom, “I’m bored. I want to do something different.”

“Well then, what do you want to do?”

“Thomas had a sleepover party the other day... Hmm, but I want something different...” James looks at the apple on his table, “I want to celebrate every night! So I am calling tonight Rednight!”

James looks around for red items, and he finds an apple, his red little car toy, and his red cap. He laughs at the red things and says, “These are all my friends. We are celebrating Rednight!”

The day after, James celebrates a Yellownight, with one banana, a notebook with a yellow cover, and a yellow nail clipper. Then, a Greennight, with a bell pepper, his green bedsheet, and a green t-shirt.

James invites Thomas over for more ideas. “Your night is so cool! How about Fishnight? Hey, let’s watch Finding Nemo together tonight. It’s about fish!” “Mom, can we have Meatnight tomorrow please? I want to have a full plate of just meatballs!” The two boys giggled.

James is happy with his special night every night.

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Do You Want A Cup of Tea

created by: Christine Tong

One sunny day, Lizie went into a tea store wanting to get something to quench her thirst.


‘Please take a look at the menu and tell me what you’d like to order,’ said Jenna, the part-time barista.


‘What do you recommend? I am good with anything. I am so thirsty,’ said Lizie.


‘Most customers are getting green tea, flower tea, ginger tea, or black tea. Or do you want to try something more interesting?’


‘OH! Tell me what the interesting ones are!’


‘We also have bean tea, tea made with roasted beans and berry tea, tea infused with blueberry and raspberry, if you like a refreshing sour taste. If you want to try extreme flavours, try thunder tea. I’m not going to tell you what’s inside, but you will definitely feel thunder right beside your ears after drinking that!’


‘Woah… sounds scary,’ Lizie mumbled, ‘I better get berry tea then. Iced, grande, thanks!’


What kind of tea would you choose? Can you think of more different flavours?

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The Family of Light

created by: Eunice Pan

Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Daylight and Moonlight. They lived in the sky and they looked after the world, day and night.

As the time passed, they started to feel lonely, and they wanted to look for friends. “But how do we do that, big brother?” asked Moonlight.

“People in this world have something called a surname. I guess our surname is Light. If anyone has this surname, he must be our friend!”, said Sunlight.

They ran around the sky and saw Thunderlight. They ran over the land and saw Sealight. They surprisingly found out that they had so many little brothers and sisters… even Redlight, Yellowlight, and Firelight!

“I found another sister, Swimlight!” said Moonlight.

“Hmm, let me see… wow, that’s some beautiful soft light reflected on the swimming pool!”

They became the closest and happiest family ever. They would even throw pizza parties on weekends.

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Tom the Policeman

created by: Serena Ku

Tom is a policeman. He has to patrol outside with a car. The car has a special name. It is called a police car.


Tom’s job is to check whether people who are driving have a license, which is called a driving license. Sometimes, he has to make sure that the drivers stop. They stop at stoplights.

Today, he checked on different vehicles. Some are large and some are mini. For example, a bus that is in a very small size is called a minibus. He also passed by a bus that drives children to school, which is called a school bus.


Tom likes all of these vehicles but his daughter, May, wants a new one. May likes to imagine new ways to travel. Tom thinks for awhile about what new type of transportation he could imagine for her. He has an idea. May likes flowers and she can ride a bike. He asks her if she would like to have a flowerbike, which he imagines as a bike that is covered with flowers. May loves the idea. All the vehicles Tom checked on today were fine! He is happy and ready to enjoy his weekend playing with the flowerbike with May.


The Ice Kingdom

created by: Melody Ng

Once upon a time there was a kingdom full of ice. People lived in icehouses, and they slept on icebeds. Of course, they drank icewater.

One day, a girl named Sally wanted to have some icecookies. “Mum, can you help me to get some icetea and an icepot from the cupboard, so I can have a drink with the cookies?” She asked.

“My dear, why don’t you get the icecup out as well? They should go well with the cookies.” Her mum answered.

After Sally finished her cookies, she looked out the window and realized that it was snowing!

“I want to build a snowman!” She said. Then she ran out of the house to play with the snow. One creature she created looked like a bird. She called it snowbird. Another of the creatures looked like a horse, and she called it snowhorse.

“It’s so funny!” She looked around. “What else can I make with the snow?”

Can you think of anything else that Sally can make with the snow? Let’s play with Sally together!  

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Invite New Friends to the Forest Party

created by: Dora Pan

Eagle would like to hold the monthly forest party this weekend. He plans to invite friends who live in the Sea. But they cannot stay too long on the land.

He invites crab to talk about this. Crab comes up with a good idea. She can ask her crab family to help.

She can let fish ride on the crab to the forest. Fish can eat and breathe in the crab’s shell. Eagle like this idea very much. When he sees their combination, he gives them a new name: fishcrab because it looks like both a fish and a crab. Similarly, when shrimp live in the crab’s shell, they become shrimpcrab.

Now fishcrab and shrimpcrab can go to the forest party together. They also prepare some special foods to serve for their new friends. They use beans and cream to make beancream and use flowers and chocolate to create flowerchocolate. Both look beautiful and delicious. 

The forest party is very successful. All the friends have a nice time and they very like the foods from their new friends from the Sea!

Can you guess who else has come to the forest party from the Sea? And what special food they have brought?


A Creative Art Shop

created by: Dora Pan

Ken and Shelly went to a creative art shop when they were traveling in Japan. In the shop, they could create anything they could imagine with the materials in the shop.

They were first attracted by all kinds of cups in the shop, especially those made of glass. Each of them was unique and looked nice. Ken bought two cups. One of them was in the shape of a rabbit. They called it rabbit cup. Another one was in the shape of a tiger and was named tiger cup

Shelly preferred to design and make new cups by herself. She first used glass to create one which looked like a pumpkin and called it pumpkin cup. She decided to send it as a birthday gift to her little sister.

In addition, Shelly also made some caps with other soft materials. She made a school cap for her brother and made a shower cap for herself. They spent a wonderful afternoon in the shop!

Would you like to visit this shop? If you were there, what kind of things would you like to make?

A Creative Art Shop.jpg