Mission & Vision

We are a social impact company devoted to early education through play and reading. Our mission is "Creativity Through Language."

We are professors, teachers, and entrepreneurs with combined work experience of more than 50 years in early literacy skills in Chinese, English, and other languages. This is reflected in our 200+ peer reviewed journal publications on early learning. We provide classes and programs, and our language games and language books are focused on learning through play. We promote both individual play and team play as well as artistic expression to promote creative learning of languages.

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Why Do We Highlight Creativity?

Creative thinking is an inventive thought process that can lead to surprising conclusions and new actions. Creative thinking means finding new ways to accomplish tasks, solve problems, and overcome challenges. Creative thinkers are able to look at things in new and unorthodox ways and find solutions that no one else has thought of.

Our Social Impact
Going Deeper into Our Social Impact

Sophisticated Team in Language Learning

Our specialized team is dedicated to enriching the experience of bilingual and literacy learning with the best practices in developmental psychology. The combined expertise and collective contributions of our team create greater products and social impact for children’s literacy education.

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Out Team
Our Team

We are an incredibly passionate team comprising experienced professionals specialising in developmental psychology.

We apply our combined knowledge and experience to create products and services that help children better acquire a first or second language in the modern bilingual world.

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