Tools to help children learn creativity through language


Years of combined experience in early literacy learning


Years of scientific research

Social impact at the core of our activity

Our Social Impact

Routine workshops to educate children, families and professionals

We provide training/ short courses and workshops for different parties, such as parents and children, as well as other professionals, including social workers and educational psychologists. The aim is to deliver knowledge related to language development and creativity in children. Not only do we provide training to adults, but also to children. In our training and workshops, children get to play with language via various creative activities, so that they understand that language learning can be fun!

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Products to promote the importance of creative language learning

We have developed several research based-products for children to learn language in a creative and fun way, including Bumper Cards ™ Card Game, Bumper Cards ™ Word Play and Cayan Edu Morpho-game.

Bilingual Learning Always Be One of Our Focus

The exposure of young children to foreign languages at school and home can lead to cognitive benefits that can last for a lifetime.

Our Partner

We began with a social impact grant from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong