A Journey to the CatWorld

Author: Ku, Serena

Illustrator: Pan, Eunice


Lucy is a cat lover; she always imagines what an entire catworld would look like.Translate


Last night, she had the best dream ever – she dreamed of visiting her very own catworld.


In the catworld, everything she saw was related to cats! She went to a bakery first. The shopkeeper was a cat and he was selling cat-tarts, catbuns, catpuffs, catcrepes, catdonuts and catcakes. Of course, these were all cat-shaped breads and pastries.


She then visited an art gallery, where a catartist was painting a picture. She found this painting very familiar. Wow! The painting was Cat Lisa – a cat version of Mona Lisa!


As Lucy was wandering in the street, she met a catpoliceman. The catpoliceman said, ‘Sorry, I think you do not belong to our world. You cannot stay here. Please follow me, and I will bring you home.’


Lucy did not want to leave, but she followed the catpoliceman reluctantly. As she was walking, she heard a sound. It got louder.


Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep…


It was her alarm! She woke up, but she could not stop thinking about the catworld. She wants to try to see if she can go back to catworld again when she sleeps tonight!


What is your favorite animal? Would you like to visit your favorite animal’s world? What would it be like? See if you can draw a picture of your world.

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