Save Our Earth

Author: Mohseni, Fateme

Illustrator: Pan, Eunice


Jim was watching a TV show about the future of the earth. On the show, the announcer said that the earth’s resources are being used up. Soon people might run out of resources if they do not start to care more about the environment.  One way to show such care is to recycle at home. Jim then went to the kitchen and asked his mother, “How I can help to recycle things at home?” His mother said: “First, we should think about the different kinds of waste we have and then put each type of waste in a different container to recycle.” Jim thought hard about this. “What kind of container?” he asked. His mother replied, “A good, sturdy box should do.” Finally, as he thought longer, Jim said, “We have wastewater that goes to the sewer pipe and does not need a box. We also have waste paper that we should put into a blue box.” He continued, “We have waste plastic that we could place in the red box.” He walked all around the flat to look for other kinds of waste from the family. He noticed an old hunk of pipe that they no longer needed and said, “We have waste metal, and we can put it in a yellow box.” Jim was thirsty and picked up a bottle and drank water from it. Suddenly, he said, “I found one more. We need another box for the waste bottle.” His mother told Jim that another kind of waste is organic waste; that waste, including eggshells, vegetable skins, and apple cores, tends to be wet. Jim’s mother then said, “We should dispose of organic waste regularly. Can you put the waste food in the yard every night? Jim said, “Sure, I would love to do that.” Jim loves to do his part to save our earth by recycling waste. What kinds of waste has he forgotten? Tell us what you do to recycle your waste.

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