Mischievous Geniesheep

Author: Ku, Serena

Illustrator: Pan, Eunice


Once there was a mischievous geniesheep who loved to bite anything in front of his eyes. This geniesheep had a magical power – anything bitten by him would grow a pair of sheep ears.

Geniesheep started by flying up to the sky and biting the Sun, which turned into a sheepsun. Then he flew downwards and bit mountains, buildings, and cars. Instantly, they turned into sheepmountains, sheepbuildings, and sheepcars! He flew around the city and bit every single object he saw, and right away, all the objects within the city had grown pairs of sheepears. People started to call the city a sheepcity.


Geniesheep soon grew tired of biting objects, so he started to bite food. He went to a fruit shop and gave each piece of fruit a bite! All the fruit in the store became sheepfruit and people did not want to bring them home anymore. Geniesheep was happy with the trouble that he made.

Geniesheep then started to bite other animals in the city. He flew to a zoo and bit them all, so the zoo was turned into a sheepzoo! There were sheeplions, sheepbears, sheepelephants and many more. The animals were furious and started to shout at him. He quickly escaped to a park nearby. In the park, there was a large group of cats. Geniesheep did not care and gave the cats a bite. The cats were very angry and fought back! They yelled and tried to scratch him with their sharp catclaws. Some even tried to jump and bite him! Geniesheep was frightened and apologized to the catgang. He promised to leave the city in peace and return everything to normal. His sheep bites only lasted a couple of days, and then the sheep ears disappeared.

Finally, two days later, the city returned to its original look. After a while, people even started missing the geniesheep. Can you draw a picture of the geniesheep or anything he bit along the way, complete with sheep ears? Who can make the funniest picture?

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