The Legend of the Wind

Author:Ng, Melody

Illustrator: Pan, Eunice


Far away, in the middle of the ocean, there is an island of wind.

The island is protected by strong circular wind that acts as a gate. The wind is so strong that it blocks everyone from getting into the island.  The people who live there call it the wind wall. Only people living on the island can open the gate and enter the island. To get in, they must use a special item called a wind bell.

The world inside the island is very different from all other parts of the world. People travel via a wind boat; this is a boat floating in the sky. All kids love to run and play on the wind ground, which is a big grassland with zero gravity, so kids can have fun moving and “fly” on the ground. Food there is very interesting too. The most famous dish on the island is called a wind fish, which is a fish dish made from a special fish that swims in the sea around the island.

It is said that all wind in the world originates from this island, and all the people from the island are the descendants of wind. These wind people bring wind to every part of the world whenever they leave the island.

Do you want to visit the island of the wind? What do you expect to find there? Let’s draw more people, places, or things you expect to find there.

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