Author: Chang, Claire & Ng, Melody


One day, a Horse ran happily to the Sea, but was too scared to go into the water.

The Sea said, “Hello, Horse. Would you like to come in?”

Horse said, “Hello, Sea. I would love to! But I cannot swim.”

“That’s okay. I will help you inside. When we work together, we gain new power.”

As Horse moved into the water, the Sea wrapped the Horse up in her magic. Then the two combined and transformed into a beautiful purple Seahorse!


Seahorse loved his new look and his new magical power. One day, he saw three objects--a flower, a fish, and a hook. He decided to combine these to see what new magic he could create. First, he combined the fish and the hook to make a fishhook. He used the fishhook to catch some dinner. 


“Maybe I can try something new,” he thought. He then tried to combine the flower and the fish together, and they became a flowerfish! The flowerfish was the prettiest fish in the sea, with her fins made of flowers. Of course, she smelled good too. She was Seahorse’s first new invention.


“It’s so amazing! What if I combine flower and hook?” Seahorse asked. This time he bumped the flower and the hook together, and they transformed into a flowerhook! He used this new creation to pick flowers in a garden.


Seahorse loved what he had created. He looked around. “What else can I create?”


Now Seahorse wants to create more words and ideas with his magical power in combining the words on your cards together and he needs our help!


Help Seahorse to make new things by bumping cards together! What new things can you create?

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